Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fwd: Ukraine Kyiv Mission

Another update from President Klebingat.  I'm trying to exercise faith and trust, and Crimea is 504 miles from Kiev, but I still worry a bit.  Thank you for keeping them all in your prayers!


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From: Ukraine Kyiv Mission <2012235@ldschurch.org>
Date: Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 6:49 AM
Subject: Ukraine Kyiv Mission

Dear parents, family and friends of the Ukraine Kiev missionaries,


Yesterday you should all have received a letter from your missionary and I trust that aside from some understandable anxiety over the political situation, you received some assurances that all is being done to keep them safe. It has been my experience that local members and others your missionary interact with on the streets seem to have a more grim outlook of both the present and the future than most of us foreigners or even than the western media in general holds. Rumors about what just happened or what will soon happen abound and a few missionaries have wondered if their mission president is telling them the whole story. Let me again reassure you that the Church’s local and international resources to stay abreast of current developments is impressive and that only a few minutes pass from a significant development happening before my phone rings. Currently the crisis seems to be localized to the Crimea leaving all proselyting cities within the Ukraine Kiev Mission unaffected. Indeed, in many ways life has almost returned to normal while people continue to be concerned and pre-occupied about how and when these developments will come to an end. Missionaries have been instructed to stay vigilant and to inform me immediately of any noteworthy occurrences that might be connected to the current situation. We have not become aware of any anti-western or –American sentiments nor of any other developments that would give us concern. Your missionary is following the regular missionary schedule this week until otherwise instructed by me.


Again I express my appreciation to all of you for preparing and sending us such wonderful missionaries. Looking at them gives me an idea of the caliber of parents you must be or, as is the case with my own offspring, some of you just got lucky!


Best wishes from Ukraine,


President Klebingat



Sister Talley

Ukraine Kyiv Mission

Mission Secretary

vul. Yabluneva 1

s. Sofiivska Borshahivka

Kyevo-Svyatoshinskiy rayon

Kyivska oblast 08131

(044) 371-4080



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