Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fwd: Ukraine Kyiv Mission: Update

Lizzy's mission president is awesome!!!!!  I guess this means she won't be setting up shop in the park with her guitar and Plan of Salvation literature.    


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Date: Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 7:10 AM
Subject: Ukraine Kyiv Mission: Update

Dear parents, family and friends of the Ukraine Kiev Missionaries,


Going into the weekend I once again take this opportunity to reassure you that your missionary is safe. We continue monitoring the developments in Ukraine carefully, and I am in constant contact with Church Security, the Area Presidency and local leaders. Everything is being done to err on the side of caution to keep your missionary safe. Just a couple of days ago, in an abundance of caution, we asked the missionaries to stay inside the entire day allowing them to experience “cabin fever” in a very personal way. On a personal note, we will have our first missionary going on a mission (our oldest son) this summer, and Sister Klebingat and I can well imagine the anxiety that comes with the privilege of turning someone we love so much over to the Lord and a mission president and his wife. Believe me when I say that we are looking at your missionary as our own son or daughter and are doing everything we can to keep him/her safe.


As of today the missionaries are out working again normally but have been reminded to avoid all crowds or any larger gatherings of people, to stay away from government buildings or areas, to not attract any undue attention to themselves (no street displays, no sign boarding, etc.), to avoid congregating with other missionaries and to simply use good judgment and to keep their eyes and ears open. Without having to seek prior permission, they are authorized to return to their apartments whenever they feel uneasy or threatened (no one has had to do this thus far). Local priesthood leaders and members are also keeping an eye out for your missionary, are offering to provide food or rides when needed. Each companionship has sufficient food at home to be able to stay inside for several days. Above all, we trust that Heavenly Father will watch over His missionaries while we do all we can to be wise and to be worthy of His protective care.


Let me just say here that your sons and daughters are out of this world wonderful and that Sister Klebingat and I count our blessings to be associated with them now and forever. You can truly be proud of your missionary! With all the precautions we are taking, we also hope to avoid a spirit of fear creeping into our mission, including from outside our mission boundaries. Please trust that we know what is going on in our mission and that not everybody reporting in for the international news channels would pass the 9th temple recommend question for complete honesty.


When sending future inquiries to the mission office, please also include my personal Email:


Thank you for your trust and prayers,


President & Sister Klebingat

Ukraine Kiev Mission



Elder Harrington

Ukraine Kiev Mission



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