Friday, November 22, 2013

Fwd: Letter #33 - 11/18/13

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Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 9:06 AM
Subject: Letter #33 - 11/18/13
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Just a few mintues to write about my amazing week! First off, I forgot to mention that last Sunday was the Kiev Stake Conference. How incredible is it that there's an entire stake in a place like Kiev?! And we were all gathered together with a temple of God right behind us! It gave me so much spiritual strength to see so many Saints together like that, and the broadcast was wonderful (it was one of those area broadcasts from Salt Lake City). The Lord's work is hastening, that's for sure. :)

President (by the means of the mission leadership council, so technically me too) installed a new rule in our mission for the time being, which basically says that we're to talk to (or approach rather) at least 50 people every day. It's a little "Mosaic Law," which is totally unlike President, but it's what our mission needs right now to get us opening our mouths. Anyway, I mention this becuase it has made our week INCREDIBLE. We've been talking with so many people, and even though the ratio of rejection is probably the same, the quality of the people who haven't rejected us has been super high. We've had wonderful conversations, had a lot of first lessons, and have three new investigators (and another one today). I feel like God ripped our area apart the other week just to put it back together in a wonderful way. And here's a miracle story I just wrote President:

"So, when I was in Borshahovsky while Sister Hunsaker was in the training meeting, I was looking through the Relief Society list to find members I haven't met with yet. I saw a name of an old lady and had an impression from the Holy Ghost that we needed to stop by there, so I wrote the name in my planner. We didn't get around to it Friday night, but it was our back-up plan for Saturday night, which became our actual plan when our investigator cancelled on us. So we headed over there, talking to everyone, but nobody was at her home. Luckily I know the Spirit well enough to know that He cares just as much about the journey as the destination, so we continued our journey to go drop by some other members. A little ways away from the stairwell, we contacted this one lady, Olga, who was walking home. As we introduced ourselves, she gave the common line, 'Oh, I already go to church,' but I pressed forward, complimenting her on her faith and asking what she believes and why. After telling us a bit, I asked if she was interested to know what we believe, and she agreed. And THEN, well... that's when the Spirit took over because I literally can't remember what I said except for the fact that it was about the Restoration. Usually I remember my conversations super well after the fact, but this time, I honestly can't recall it (and we talked for a long time too). Anyway, she asked to see the Book of Mormon (we gladly gave it), she invited us over to hear more, and we ended with prayer. How amazing is that?! God led us right to that woman! All we had to do was open our mouths, and let me tell you... they were FILLED."

I was SO happy after that conversation, you have no idea. :) Love moments like that!

Oh yeah, so I got a new companion (good old #6 in Ukraine, hopefully she won't run away from me as quickly as the others ones). Her name is Sister Hunsaker, she's from Syracuse UT, she's 20 years old, and she's doing great. I feel like a mother who gets better at parenting every time she has a new child -- hopefully I'll get this whole training thing down by the time I have my last one.

Spiritual thought, spiritual thought... I'm running out of English ones because they now get programmed in Russian. Have I ever shared with you Joshua 1:1-9? It's the passage that was quoted by President Monson in last conference, and it gave me a lot of comfort and strength when I really needed it a few weeks ago. You'll have to change the situation in order to liken it to yourself, but the principle is there, and I can tell you myself that it's true: "Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: the Lord the God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." I'm confident that the day will come when we see Christ face to face, and we will understand perfectly just how true that was during our lives.

Well, I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Montgomery